Female Libido Stealer - Undiagnosed Thyroids

An unexpected and sudden decline of sex desire particularly when it happens for a long time or occurs in intervals indicates a personal, medical or routine problem that can upset both people involved in a relationship. Investigations propose that half of the women in a survey show that they are experiencing sexual dysfunction that causes lack of concern in sex desire. However, psychological issues, depression and anxiety are prime contributors to low sex desire in women; illness plays a massive role. It is a common observation that undiagnosed thyroid problems among female patients is becoming more often. Women report that their sex desires reduce following thyroid problems.

These physical risk features related to sex problems are equally found in women are also applicable to women like thyroid problem, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol and smoking comes out to have a noteworthy force on normal female sexual intention.

Thyroids usually have a size equal to that of a golf ball but its presence is really causing wreaking disorder on your libido desire. Most of the time thyroids are they don’t show any noticeable symptom. One of the symptoms causing underactive thyroids is hypothyroidism, causes hair loss, dry skin, weight gain and fatigue and stress. It is a tentative sex drive. Women with sucking sex drives start to feel that the trouble lays in their mind conditions but hatchling research show thyroids cause such conditions in female sexual dysfunction. Many other factors along with thyroid problems can freeze a woman's erotic needs.

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Out of 50 women, there are 10 percent of them living with small or large degree of thyroid hormone deficiency, thus, more commonly causing hypothyroidism. However, the problem can be simply identified with a plain blood test. Signs of small thyroid hormone include muscle aches, fatigue, depression, and less sexual desire. The number of women with thyroids that have been associated with sexual dysfunction issues has soared. It is not surprisingly odd because the grim study of woman sexual dysfunction become a topic of serious interest in the recent few years.

Adding more to this topic shows that it is a very common problem in women who have reached menopause stage. Thus, libido problems can be circuitously related to menopause through undiagnosed thyroid issues. It is a very common problem even with young patients.

The entrance of Viagra years ago provoked thousands of men and women to ask for cure for sexual problems. Several medicines for managing thyroids in women had been made available in the past few years; however, there are no tablets to totally resolve these problems permanently.

To overcome such problems do not hesitate to consult your doctor and if it still seems hesitant to raise the issue with their woman just go for a simple blood test that will diagnose hypothyroidism. This is easily curable with recommended tablets. Solve your problems to enjoy a life filled with both physical and sexual intimacy.

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