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It is to be worried about if you have a low sex drive due to the usage of birth control pills. It looks strange but the fact is that all women in life have to use birth control or contraception pills to avoid pregnancy. It really affects your relationships and sexual intimacy. For certain women, their sex drive is not affected by birth control pills. Some researchers observed nearly 8,400 women for about 33 years to determine the effects of using birth control pills. It was reported that 22% has increased sex desire, 15% told that they are having low drive towards sexual intimacy while 63% showed no alter at all. Sex desire swings with time especially in women. However, it's tough to identify the pill as the only reason.

Several other things influence a woman's sex desire, including health, feelings about her relationship, age and things like stress, exertion, anxiety and exhaustion. The reason behind low sex desire due to birth control pills is that the pills are combined lab-made medicines of the woman hormones proestrogen and esterone. The quantities of the hormones in the tablets vary and the reaction of the contraceptive pills with body hormones is dependent on the body chemistry in your body and artificially produced hormones in the pills.

In addition, combination of pills stop you from ovulating and slight increase in sex desire observed during ovulation ceases. Some experts says there might be 1 out of 100 women who complaint of low sex desire and physical intimacy. However, some women have complaint about a lowered sex desire when they are taking some sorts of hormonal contraceptive methods, such as:

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Combined contraception that include the collective pill, vaginal disc, or contraceptive piece. Pills causing hormonal changes may be:

  • Progestogen Pill
  • Contraceptive Implant
  • Depo-Provera Injection

Lastly, consequence of these contraception methods tends to reduce within few months and they're normally well endured. Consult your health expert or family planning clinic for further assistance. It's tongue in cheek to make sex desire more acquittal and cosy while using birth control pills. Hormonal version of birth control pills, may raises your sex hormone fastening globulin, which lowers testosterone. There is a rare chance that birth control pills might not be messing with your sex desire as well as physical intimacy.

As soon as, you notice a alter in your sex, you can acquire your adore life back on track. Either use a copper intrauterine device that lasts longer, hormone less birth control pills or simply switch back to condoms. Have a discussion with consultant regarding change in prescription, especially when someone is experiencing vaginal dryness together with a lackadaisical attitude in sex. Keep in mind, the contraception pills that efforts for one woman's sex may not for other woman. It varies from woman to woman and relies on the formulation. Use alternative methods to birth control to enjoy the sex life and seek physical pleasure with your partner fearlessly.

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