Few Unexpected Ways To Enhance Your Libido - Reactivate Your Sex Life

There are number of ways through which you can boost your libido, which is natural and effective as well. Oil massage, watching erotic movies, exercises, are some of thee old methods of making yourself sexually active. We don’t say that they are inactive or ineffective, but they don’t provide you the expected result sometimes.

Here in this article, we will discuss some other new off-bit methods that will enhance your libido and help you to indulge in sexual activities with more vigor.

Smell of Musky Male Sweat

Female partners love to the sweat smell of their partner. You guys can exercise a bit, before entering into the bed, as it will easily excite her. You will not have to work much on arousing her. Therefore it is better to exercise a bit and then take shower together and smell each other’s sweat before going to bed.

Touch your partner

You may lock your fingers with your partner so that you may remain in constant physical touch with your partner. More you touch each other the excitement level will also increase further. Studies have shown that the homone, oxytocin gets secreted whenever the sexual partners touch each other. It increases the urge to have more sex. That is why physical touch is so very important to build the desires to make love, which the partners should practice often.

Engage yourself in exciting sports

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Many couples prefer a beach walk, as it easily sets their mood and makes them quite romantic. It refreshes their mind and body, which makes them quite active on bed. Similarly you can participate in one of the challenging and exciting games that will increase the heart beat, and activate your nervous system. Many researches work shows that couples make passionate love, when they are scared, as it comforts them and relax their mind and body.

Red wine can also boost your libido

As per a recent study it has been observed that red wine works miracles on women. Thus you can have one glass everyday after dinner, as it will increase your sexual desire. It also lubricates your vagina and keeps you active. You have a perfect reason to substitute your regular drink with wine.

Scientists have concluded that red wine has antioxidants that widen the blood vessels. Such a thing is quite important for increasing sexual libido in women. However you should not exceed the drink beyond one glass of red wine.

Yoga posture may also help

Yoga exercises are known to boost your health. Scientists have found that some of the yoga posture can also help in increasing your libido as well. If you indulge yourself in different types of exercises, then you make your body active and physically fit. Through this process, you will be aware of your sexuality and stamina, as well.

Male partner must wear red

It has been observed that if the male partner wears anything red then it can easily turn on the female partner. Researchers say that it is a psychological phenomenon that helps to increase libido during sexual encounter.

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