Top Sex Secrets Of Happily Married Couples

Men usually research on finding marvelous ways to excite their female partners in bed. They know that women are quite sensitive towards sex and piling them with responsibilities, might impact their sexual life. Surprisingly, there are quite a few women, who are superficially charged and excited to try something new in bed, despite having kids, working under stressful circumstances, and handling regular chores. It is quite natural to wonder as to what special thing they do, to amuse their partners in bed.

Mentioned below are a few tips that will help you to spice up your sexual life:

Women Love Trying New Things in Bed:

Even she is interested in trying something new and exciting in bed, surprising her partner, with her sexual trait. They can talk about their desires and fantasies without any hesitation. In other words, they do everything that will strengthen their bedroom relationship. No use of being coy, as he will not understand what you desire. They prefer trying a new position and perform things that will spice up their normal and regular sexual life. They prefer role play and lighten the whole atmosphere by choosing the best music. Such thing helps in keeping the excitement between both of them.

They Plan Intimacy:

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It is possible to ignore this heavenly pleasure, due to hectic schedules, commitments, and responsibilities. Smart women don’t let these things impact their natural requirement. Unlike others, they plan their sex, which makes it easy. Anything that happens apart from the planning is an additional bonus point. They ensure to get rid of all other works on that particular day, so they are stress free and can thoroughly enjoy the great day.

For instance, if you have kids, plan to leave them with their friends or parents, so that you can enjoy their own moments. You can find a perfect alternative that will help you in enjoying the day, without any disturbance. Such a plan helps you in retaining freshness in a relationship for a longer time.

Maintain Privacy:

You and your partner are excited and busy exploring each other’s passion in bed, when suddenly the door opens wide. This will be quite an embarrassing moment. Such a sudden interruption will disturb your mind and you will not find the same excitement to get involved in love again. If you have kids at home, then teach them the manners of knocking the door and seek permission before entering into.

The other thing you could do is lock the bedroom. No one can enter in, unless you dress up. At least, this gives you enough time to comfort yourself before opening the door.

The Love Quickie:

Love is more romantic when it is spontaneous. Women love when you take over her suddenly as she is not prepared for it. Moreover, there is nothing on her mind, so there is no hassle. Every touch creates a magical sensation in her, which might not always be possible in the bedroom. You in fact act according to what your mind says.

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