Have Sex Regularly And Lose Your Weight

You would have read about different positions and things to do that will improve your bedroom experience. What you might not be aware here, is that lovemaking is a great way of remaining fit and active. It gears your heart beat, thus pumping enough blood that will keep you healthy. If excess weight has always been your concern, then indulge more into intimacy and lose weight naturally.

Mentioned below are different ways of burning those extra calories:

Passionately Undress Her:

The moment is quite tempting, making you crazy with excitement. Your brain is stimulating you to make quick moments and enjoy it, as if you will never ever get another opportunity. Undressing her at this rush hour, will be quite irritating and seem to be time consuming. Guys don’t hurry up with such an act, as it is proved to be one of the easiest and effective ways of burning calories. You essentially don’t have to use your hands to undress her.

Instead make this session quite exciting, by trying different ways to make her naked. It has been proved that men can lose about 8-10 calories, when they try to take off her bra using their mouth. It is certainly a good sign. Thus, try uniquely to take off the barriers.

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Love Kissing Her:

Until now, you might have read and tried different ways to passionately kiss her. What you might not be aware here is that such an act helps you in burning the extra calories. Smooching will help you to burn 90 calories per hour. Now, isn’t that amazing. You have all reasons to enjoy intimate moments with her and don’t forget to include lots of kisses and smooching.

Let your lips explore her body, in a different manner. Plank pose, push ups, and other types of kisses will burn at least 17 calories in half an hour. Rigorous kissing is another thing that you can never miss upon. For better results, you might kiss in unusual positions. The result will certainly be amazingly interesting.

Sensational Massaging:

Who wouldn’t love to get a sensational and erotic massage? It relaxes your mind, body, and helps in arousing your sexual desire. Through such an activity you can easily burn calories, which is of course not good for your health. The more time you spend there, better will be the result in terms of sexual excitement and calorie burn. A passionate massage helps you in burning approximately 80 calories, which is indeed a good number. The rule of the game is to slow and perform every act with great passion and erotically. In this process, you exert a great amount of force, which needs more energy and activeness.

If you further involve in wild sex after, then you will lose more calories. It has been noted that you loss around 144 calories per half an hour of the act. Such workouts are quite interesting and exciting as compared to visiting the gym. It is because of this reason why experts recommend to frequently have sex.

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