10 Surprising Highlights About Orgasm

Everyone is aware that dental floss is a part of dental health. Similarly, orgasms are also part of female health. Many things about the big ‘O’ are not known. In this post, highlights about orgasms are revealed.

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  • Orgasms relieve pain – Studies have revealed that orgasms has the capability to get relieved from several kinds of pain including arthritis, headache, and after surgery. This is triggered due to oxytocin liberated during libido that elevates the positive emotional mood.
  • Condom does not upset orgasm quality – Many females believe that condom lessens their level of orgasm. However, condoms assist couples to delay their climax because men can stay inside longer without any worry about ejaculating earlier.
  • Plenty of females have difficulty reaching orgasm – According to statistics one in three women face difficulty reaching sexual climax. 80% females have trouble with vaginal intercourse orgasm. Female sexual dysfunction is linked with medical conditions like depression, diabetes, and thyroid.
  • Locate your G-spot – Identify your G-spot that includes plenty of nerve endings. It helps women to experience a long and strong orgasm.
  • Orgasms enhance with age – As you age there are many things you will start complaining like pain in the leg or back, nevertheless your sex life will actually improve. Especially, the frequency and quality of orgasm. Sexologists report that orgasm becomes easy with age. It may be due to experience, trust, intimacy, and confidence in the long-term relationship.
  • Combine sexual activities – Just one act may not be enough, so link it with other sex activities. For example, oral sex along with vaginal sex can be bonded together to increase the likelihood of orgasm instead of just one of them.
  • Lack of Sexual confidence – Research has shown that women are self-conscious about their vagina. Sexologist vouches that every vagina appears different. Vagina is termed as healthy and normal as long as it is pain free, without sores, abnormal discharge, or other medical issues. Enhance the potential of your orgasm by increasing self-confidence. Be positive about your body and look at it adoringly.
  • Orgasm gap – Men may feel that their partner has had an orgasm in their current sex episode, but in truth the female may not have had a climax. The treatment of this orgasm gap is complicated. Doctors say that if a woman is comfortable and understands her body pleasure points then she can learn to climax regularly.
  • Orgasm without genital stimulation – In rare cases, women can climax, while getting massage or using a treadmill. There are two reasons for impulsive climax during certain actions. One is due to increased blood circulation towards the genitals and other is vibration of the clitoris.
  • Most women take time – Normally, females take more time than males to orgasm. Females need 20 minutes of foreplay before the actual penetration and orgasm phase. If your partner gets ready to ejaculate you can help him to slow down. Firm pressure on the penis tip can work or he can perform kegel exercises to strengthen and attain control over his penis activities.

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