8 Things Men Desire From Her In The Bedroom

Male sexuality can also be qualified as a shady zone just like female sexual orientation. The bedroom is a stage, where the male plays a typical role, which is far different than the reality. A woman fails to notice his true identity while trying to satisfy him. In this article, you will be offered an insight on the ‘unmasking facts’ you missed:

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  • Male reacts to praise – Compliment acts as a promoter for sexual confidence in women. They need to be boosted regularly before entering the bedroom. Even when you are touching her or removing her clothes. Men are no different. They too are anxious about their hair, member size and other features. Females need to affirm these sensitivities through extra praise.
  • Males fear intimacy – Research has proved that teenagers are more affectionate and expressive than girls. However, these feelings of intimacy have been concealed due to social suppression. Even as he grows sexual intimacy is imprinted in his mind as a taboo aspect. Actually, he craves for sexual intimacy with his girl, but fears that it is off-limits. A woman has to understand her guy and give him space to recognize that he is not a teenager, but a perfect man.
  • Male enjoy sex for sex – Sexologists believe that at times toss-me-down sex by male is an ideal treatment. A man also desires her to enjoy raw sex instead of enduring it. For men, sex is not just dominating her, but it is all about enchanting her.
  • Males need sensuous touching – Males have many erogenous zones besides the penis that gets all the attention. However, they avoid telling their women because they fear that it will shut her down. In addition, she will shy away from touching them at all. Many places need stimulation including the inner thighs, face, and chest. Furthermore, gripping his testicles and stimulating the perineum heightens the pleasure during oral sex.
  • Males encourage fantasies – Most of the males do not share their fantasies with her because they feel their wives will judge or shame them. Try to make a game of this. First promise not to criticize one another. Talk about your intimacies and if you are comfortable about it only then give it a try.
  • Males like you talking – Not just plain talking, but dirty talks during sex are more arousing to the ears. These talks can make a guy feel strong and virile like a WWF fighter even if he is just a banker.
  • Males require your honesty – Males are egoistically tied to sex. They may complain that their girl is disinterested, but the actual fact is that he may be overseeing serious problems that support such suppressions. This is the reason that males need to be enlightened. Avoiding these issues can only cause confusion and frustration in a relationship.
  • Males enjoy loyal indulgences – Intimacy is all about closeness, but maintaining this sexual fire demands a little distance. Allowing each partner some space to enjoy sex toys, watch porn movies or letting another girl/men look at her/him helps to sustain the balance of devotion and desire for one another. However, this does not include betraying one another.

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