When Nobody Is Around And You Want To Please Yourself

Enjoying a sexual intimacy with your partner, and enjoying only with yourself or self-pleasure are two distinct experiences. No doubt, most of the men have tasted both of these, and hence they would agree to this fact. They have always been quite good with self-exploration, and they let their instinct guide them for such purposes. However, when it comes to women, chances are high that most of them are shy creatures, who haven’t ever experienced what is called turning oneself on, and having that fun with oneself.

While turning oneself on and self-pleasure can be a great delight for everyone to experience, but it’s even more significant for women who are single. Besides, with this you learn to love yourself even more, and that also works on boosting your self-esteem and confidence. You find the pleasure in yourself, and you aren’t dependent on anyone for that.

Anyways, if you too wish to have all these great benefits, and experience those pleasures, you may give a try to please yourself. It’s ok if you end up feeling bored or lost with your first few attempts. This is only because you focused more on arousing yourself and to achieve orgasm. Instead, if you try to relax yourself, just to have a nice time all by yourself, things would be far better and pleasurable. Hence, just relax and try to implement a few effective tips to find those pleasures.

Touch Yourself the Way You Like To Be Touched

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Nobody is around at home? Great! It is the perfect time. Just sit down, lie back, or be in any comfortable position, in some comfy place like your couch, bed, or even in your bathtub. Gradually, remove your clothes each and every one of those. You may take few pillows with you, to make you feel relaxed in the posture.

Now, all you need to do is to move your soft hand all around your body slowly, softly, and sensuously. Touch yourself especially touch those sensitive zones like your neck, nipples, earlobes, and any other zone you want to. Play with yourself, and you will soon be aroused, turned on. Finally, you may let your hand and fingers move down there. Let the tension and the sensation go high.

Call Him While You Are Busy Pleasing Yourself

Talk to him, feel his togetherness, and you would find that it’s more exciting. It’s better if you can have a dirty talk with him, and let him know what actually you are doing. However, if it makes you feel awkward, then you may continue with normal conversation. To your surprise, even normal conversation with your man can be really exciting.

Moan and Enjoy Looking At Yourself In A Mirror

Women have also tried moaning, while they please themselves. Indeed, they find it really arousing. Besides, to add up to the excitement even more, you may look at yourself in a mirror, while you are playing with your body.

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