What Do You Prefer Having Sex When It’s Convenient Or When You Can Enjoy It To The Fullest

No doubt, most of you would say, the former. Isn’t it? It’s true, especially in the present scenario, almost every couple prefer having sex when it’s convenient for them. When they have completed all their works, and when they are sure that there are no pending works in the office the next day, they would initiate it. Even then, if suddenly some work strikes their mind, chances are high that they would deal with it first.

Heck, what has happened to you guys? Did you allot some specific limited timing for making love, or is it that you aren’t interested in it anymore? Be it any of these two cases, you need to be concerned about it, and deal with it soon.

As per Tracey Cox, an s-expert, there are primary two reasons why couples of the present era prefer convenient sex. The obvious first reason being their lives are incredibly stressful and busy. While, the other reason is that sex isn’t on their priority list anymore.

Indeed, these are the only two reasons for this great issue in the sex lives of the couples these days. Hence, most of the couples prefer having sex at night, when they are done with all their jobs, and when they are too tired and exhausted to do it. However, you don’t want to end up with a boring sex life, and to ruin your relationship, right?

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Therefore, you need to put an end to this idea of convenient sex. Rather, you need to do it when you can enjoy its pleasure to the fullest. Let the sessions of making love be spontaneous, random, planned too, and whenever you feel like doing it.

Afternoon – When You Are Alert, Awake and In Full Energy

Your experience itself might tell you, why having sex isn’t a good idea when you are tired, lethargic, and exhausted, like in the night. Obviously, you are in no position to be wild, crazy, and rapid then.

Hence, s-experts advise couples to have sex during the afternoon hours, when both the partners are alert, and in full stamina. You experience a more exciting, a more vitalized, and a wilder love making session then. To add to that, you also wish to try new things, experiment with new positions, frequency, and angles then.

Early Morning Sex, When He Is High with His Testosterone Level

Men are much aroused, more excited, and with firm erected penis, during the early morning hours. Now that can be one of the perfect times to have sex, since their testosterone level is high then. Hence, you both can make the best use of this natural trait, and can enjoy a really exciting session of having sex.

Anytime Is A Great Time If You Feel The Desire

Above all, the best time for making love is when you both or even one of you actually desire for the same. Its then, you show all your interest, passion, and craziness for the same. Hence, anytime when you feel the urge, think of it as the best time to go for it.

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