To Rejuvenate Your Sex Life All Over Again

Gradually, as time passes, things change in each and every aspect. You mightn’t have realized that but your sex life too has undergone a great change, a change that you never wanted. What earlier used to be frequent and passionate lovemaking sessions have changed now to rare events that too of little interest. Now, that isn’t really a great thing for your relationship. Hence, to rejuvenate your sex life all over again, and to bring yourself back in the mood, you may try few effective ways.

Practicing Yoga and Hitting the Gym Regularly

Well, you might be wondering how is this relevant in gearing your sexual mood, and how would it be beneficial to your sex life, right?

It’s significantly because of the domino effect after such rejuvenating sessions. You retain a good mood all day long, and feel good. Hence, you would readily wish to burn more calories by having a passionate session of love-making. Practicing yoga takes care of maintaining a proper hormonal balance in your body. Hence, with hitting the gym and practicing yoga, you get yourself charged up and also your endorphins.

Setting Up A Romantic Ambience

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Even if you weren’t in the mood, and you had no plan for doing anything tonight, yet as soon as you entered into the room, things changed. It seems the ambience inside is all set to flavor your mood with some romance, desire, and to arouse it.

A soft romantic music, especially if it’s one among your favorite tunes, can be really very effective in getting you in the mood. Follow the tune, and sing it together, while you both come closer to each other and start staring into each others’ eyes. Besides, a light scented candle light will boost the romance in the ambience even more.

Healthy Flirting With Others When He Is Around

Have you ever realized how you feel, when some other girl get close to him. It’s not only jealousy, right? There is something else too. You want him to be with you only, and you want your man even more. The same is what relationship expert Stacey Nelkin depicts.

Hence, you need to take advantage of this very human-nature. It’s ok, when you go for a healthy flirting with people around you, and when he is watching you. That little jealousy won’t only be an aphrodisiac for him, but it would also be a turn-on for him. Careful! It says healthy flirting, and so you need to be concerned about your limits.

Sharing Your Fetishes and Fantasies

It can be one of the biggest turn-on. Let him know about you sexual fantasies and your fetishes, and ask him to share his fantasies too. Needless to mention, an open and frank communication has always been an effective pillar for an exciting sex life.

Hence, it can be a great idea, if besides having an intimate session, you both also prefer spending some quality time together just discussing about your fetishes. In case, if you aren’t much comfortable with that, you may take help of instant messages, mails etc.

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