So That You Actually Experience Orgasms And Don’t Fake It

You may call ‘fake orgasm by women’, as an easy escape from the pressure to enjoy the bedroom session. Almost every woman at some point or the other might have experienced this pressure from her partner, and when she faked it her partner got contented.

Besides, for most men, making their women achieve orgasm is all about their masculinity quotient. Hence, as a concern for their male partner’s ego, women fake orgasm, so that their fragile ego is not hurt. Truly, women have always been understanding, kind, loving, and ‘compromising’.

No doubt, for the time being this approach might have resolved your issues and concerns. However, it can’t last long, it has never been. Compromising your happiness, your satisfaction, just for your partner’s, could leave you frustrated and dissatisfied in the long run. Needless to mention, this would have an adverse impact on your sex life and you relationship too.

Hence, to avoid these, to retain the love and joy in your relationship, and most significantly to be happy and contented deep inside, you need to experience the ecstatic orgasms and not to fake those anymore. How to do that? It’s simple.

Relax, Keep It Cool, Give Yourself Ample Time, And You Will Have ‘That’

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Unfortunately, most of the couples take bedroom sessions as a race. As soon as they start, they subconsciously get into a race, where achieving the peak of ecstasy as SOON as possible, is their first concern. As a result, they miss the real fun of the whole session. They miss the pleasure that every moment can furnish them with, and sadly in the end women usually are deprived of the ecstasy of an orgasm.

Hence, you are advised to be relaxed, keep calm, and to try to get the most of every moment you spend then. Let him focus on each and every erogenous zone of your body, you may guide him in the process too. Ultimately, there will be high chances that both of you end up with some ‘real’ pleasure. Besides, you would also be able to actually experience what you always have been faking.

Foreplays Are Indispensable

It’s true that a great percentage of couples all over the globe, haven’t yet realized this. For them, sex simply is about penetrations, thrusts, and ejaculations. As a matter of fact, they don’t have an idea about how pleasurable and how ecstatic lovemaking can actually be. They aren’t aware of the fun and pleasure they have been missing all these times.

Anyways, it’s never too late, and if you actually desire to experience those pleasures, you guys need to focus more on foreplays. Give each other oral pleasure, and kisses. Lick the erogenous zones, and give each other massages.

How Can You Miss The Core, The Most Sensitive G-Spot

Orgasms, without G-Spot stimulation, have always been a quite difficult thing to achieve. Somewhere three inches inside your vagina is this spot of extreme sensitivity. Let him try to stimulate it through his tongue, his fingers, and with soft touches.

Hence, it’s all about giving your-selves sufficient time, and following few effective techniques.

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