Ride Him The Proper Way And Both Of You Would Love That

The most exciting thing you can ever do to your man in the bedroom is to take the control, and ride him. There is no denying the fact that he would love it, and he will enjoy watching it while sitting back. After-all, a passive woman in the bedroom, is no man’s wish. In-fact, most men would like their women to take the charge in the bedroom, at times.

Besides, even for you women, it has always been empowering and exciting to take control of your man, and to ride him. Isn’t it? It’s quite a change that you both love. However, you also need to be a little concerned while doing this, since riding isn’t simply getting on his top and going with the motions.

Especially for the first timers, or for those women that haven’t been riding much, this can be messy. In lack of proper idea to do this, there can be issues like their hair might fly and stick all over them. Besides, they might also get cramps in their knees, and most importantly they might get more tired. On the other hand, when you know the proper way to ride him, you both will find the session more exciting than ever. You can take his arousal to the peak, appear sexy while doing this, and of course you will love your empowerment too.

The Most Significant Aspect You Need To Be Concerned About

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Well, to be true, there are no specific ‘rules’ about the positions you need to be in, or about the exact process you need to follow, to ride him properly. It’s quite simple, you need to be on top of him, let him penetrate you, and for that you need to sit in a way that feels good and look sexy. Do it the way you like, and the way you find this most exciting. However, if you are lacking an idea for the same, you may try few easy positions that most women prefer.

If Your Man Loves Your Sexy Butt

Just sit on him, while he is lying down on back in a way that your butt is facing him and you are facing away from him. You guy would love your way of riding him, as he is getting the perfect view of your sexy butt. The way you shake it, and he touches it, make him more aroused, and more excited. The more he is aroused, the deeper will be the penetrations. What more, you can make the scene even more erotic with your screams, and with the passionate and rapid movements of your butt.

For The Proper Eye Contact And Communication While Riding Him

If you wish, to look into his eyes, feel his joy, and of course to appear sexier while riding him, you may try this. Again, just sit on him, but this time, you actually face towards him. Let your hands rest on his knees or on his chest.

Your man would love this view, and moreover he might also try to ‘play’ with your sexy boobs.

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