It Needn’t Necessarily Be Any Health Issue If You Are Suffering From Low Libido

Did you think health issues are the only reasons for a low libido? They are, in most of the cases, but not always. To your surprise, there are few usual things, habits, and other aspects of your daily routine, which might have been interfering with your desire to have sex with him. It can be as simple a thing as a messy bedroom, any trauma, or even financial crisis. Well, you will soon come to know how common things, you had no idea about, have been an issue to your sex life.

Again, the Bedroom Is Messy

You are annoyed, unhappy, and even depressed looking at those piled dresses, magazines, books, and dust on your bed. Probably, the researchers were right in saying that bedroom clutter can be a significant reason for your depressed and annoyed mood. However, the point of concern, especially for you women, is that messy bedrooms have also been alleged for lackluster sex drive too.

The reason is the cognitive distraction that comes due to such a bedroom. It’s no news that you women have always been more prone to such distractions while making love. Hence, by now, your partner might have got accustomed of hearing irrelevant things, while he tries his best moves to please you. Like, about shopping for the new curtains, paying those due bills, etc.

It Seems You Haven’t Moved-On Yet

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It’s really sad that one of your close relatives expired the last month. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to be in its trauma even now. Did you have an idea that it has been interfering with your sex drive?

Effects of traumatic delivery of your baby, any sad or other physical or psychological traumatic incidents, can hamper your sex drive. Hence, for post traumatic stress issues or disorders, experts usually advise people to go necessarily for a diagnostic of decreased libido. That makes the fact evident that when you haven’t moved on, then your sex life can suffer.

Oh! You Even Prefer High Cholesterol Food

That would worsen the situation even more. It’s quite evident, as most of the women who complain of low libido and have arousal issues, usually prefer having food rich in cholesterol. These are their favorites.

Now, you might be wondering, what is the relevance between these high cholesterol foods and issues of low libido? Hence, you need to know that such foods are great at blocking the arteries and hence the flow of blood to the diversified body zones. Now, when the blood flow to your pelvic zone isn’t proper, you can well expect how adversely it can affect your arousal and ability to achieve orgasm. Can’t you?

Is There a Recession Again?

Believe it or not, but any kind of worry like because of financial issues, job etc., no matter whether its relevant to your relationship and sex life or not, can affect your libido. Hence, researchers have found that most of the couples, who have been complaining about their sex life, also have other big things to worry about.

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