Reasons Behind Her Faking Orgasm, And Ways To Stop It

Any girl can fake orgasm, and the chances are that you’ll never be able to distinguish. There can be many reasons why a woman would fake an orgasm, and thus, it is important that you know when to make it a real one. If she continues to do so each time you are in bed with her, then there is a possibility that your sexual relationship might end soon.

Have a frank discussion

Take some time out and sit and talk to her. This conversation is very sensitive, and it is necessary for you to make sure that you do not sound as if you are accusing her of faking orgasm all the time. Ask her if she has ever faked it, if she agrees to it then make sure that you do not take it to your heart. Sit down and talk to her. Ask her how you can improve the techniques during sex, and what she enjoys the most. Listen attentively to what she has to tell you. Make sure that you follow her, and try improving on the techniques.

If she does not agree on having faked an orgasm, do not push her to admit it. Chances are that she has faked it, but is too embarrassed to admit. She may also not want to hurt you and spoil the wonderful relationship that you share. Trying new positions and techniques might help you in this regard.

Reasons for her faking orgasm

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There are a number of reasons for her to fake orgasm. However, you would be surprised to know, that man himself is to be blamed on many occasions.

She might be faking it because the intense passion makes her nervous. The pressure to make her partner feel good during sex is too much for some women to handle. It is better to make her understand that it is acceptable even if she doesn’t reach an orgasm. This way she will tell you every time that she does not orgasm, and both of you can work on it.

The other reason can be either she is too tired after a long day at work, or the next morning she might have to attend an important meeting. All she wants is to get over with the sex, so that she can get some sleep. If this is the case then do not push your partner for sex, if she is too tired. Understand her, and give her time to rest. This will not only gain appreciation from your partner, but the next time you have sex, she will give her hundred percent. It’s worth the wait.

Enjoy it

When you are ready to have sex, enjoy and savor the moment, instead of rushing through it. This will turn on your girl, and there is more chance that she would orgasm, and will not fake it. You can also use different sex toys that are available in the market. This would help in making your sex life more exciting and fun. You can also try role-play during sex. Make sure that you always keep your partner’s likes and dislikes in mind.

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