Excite Your Man In Bed With A Perineum Massage

The perineum is one of the most sensitive parts that are found in both male and female body. It is the area, which lies in between the sex organ and the anus. This area is softer than any other part of the body, and provides immense pleasure.

By slightly stroking this area will can arouse your man, even before you touch his member. This place is perfect to start your foreplay before getting into the act of sex. It has many nerves, which gives a pleasurable sensation to the man, and will make him reach orgasm easily and quickly.

Pleasure stimulating techniques

Slowly and softly go down there, and touch him around his perineum, the most sensitive and exciting area, just below the balls. The soft and thin skin, when touched will electrify him and he will enjoy every moment.

At first, slowly stoke it with your fingers, before you slow lick it with your tongue. When the intensity builds up, you can suck it with your lips. While kissing, make sure that you are also using the tongue, as it would provides extra pleasure to your man, who will enjoy your extra effort that you are putting in to give him pleasure.

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When you are down, sucking and licking the perineum, make sure that you try different rotational movements, like moving your tongue horizontally, vertically and in a circular motion. You can try to form alphabets down there and even numbers can do magic with your tongue.

Certain points to keep in mind

When you are down at the perineum, make sure you take heed, and do not scratch or pinch the area out of sheer excitement. As this area is extremely sensitive, it would not only hurt your partner, but would also turn him off, and would not want to try this with you ever again. This is the last thing you would want to do, when you are in bed together.

In case you hurt your partner in the process, make sure that you look after him, pamper him, and give him time, before you start again. If you push him to have sex within minutes, then he would not want to be with you, as it would give him the feel of not being loved and cared. Sex is an act of love, make sure both of you feels it.

Sensational perineum message

An erotic massage will help to arouse your partner even more. Slowly touch his shaft, and move it up and down. While doing this it is recommended that you use liquid based lubrication, and this will not only make the job easy, but also provide extra pleasure to your partner.

Now that your hands are completely lubricated, try inserting your index finger in his anus, and slowly move it up and down. He will enjoy this movement, and will get completely lost in the act. This action will ripe an award for you when you are ready to have sex. Enjoy the wonderful time with your partner.

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