Spot The G-Post And Make Your Partner Go Wild With Excitement

You have planned an exciting and pleasurable night with her. You are charged up and the performance goes well and things end fine, when you achieve orgasm. Are you sure if you have satisfied her and she is as happy as you are, at the end of the act? Don’t assume that she is also satisfied because you thought so. At times, they are not comfortable in talking their sexual desires, maybe because they don’t want to disappoint you.

Did you stimulate her G-spot and ensure that she achieves orgasms, as you do. Some women achieve climax, when you play around with her clitoris.

Find her G-Spot:

Finding G-spot is not an easy task, unless you practice locating it every time you indulge into the act. This sensuous organ is located approximately 2 inches inside her vaginal, which is on the underside of her stomach. When touched you will feel like a ribbed bump. If you think that she will achieve orgasms during penetration, then you are not right. Guys try different positions so as to reach deep into her to arouse her. You fingers can create magic deep into this area, so try inserting them from different angles. Check her reaction and increase the speed.

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Relax her First:

The biggest mistakes guys make on bed is directly getting into the act. Women need more time to arouse, as compared to men. So arouse her by playing with her private parts and stimulate her. Make her proud by tickling her clitoris and spending enough time there. Act as lady desires and ensure that she is happy. Stop the act immediately if she is uncomfortable or it causes her pain. Move ahead once she is completely aroused and charged up as you are.

Choose Different Sex Position:

Same sex position can make your sexual life bore and uninteresting. So get in variations by trying something new and erotic. The following techniques will help you in improving your sexual life –

  • Make her lie close to you, comfortably. Use your fingers passionately to discover all corners of her vagina.
  • You can make her sit in a doggy style and insert your fingers deep into her, from behind. In order to add spice you can change different styles and positions. Such things will stimulate her and excite her.

You need to try stimulating her from different positions. Remember, exciting her G-spot is quite different than arousing her through clitoris. Guys show your skills and stoke her in an erotic manner. Begin by massaging it gently and intensify the movements and give her incredible satisfaction.

Initially it might not be possible to understand her excitement. With experience you will surely know if she likes a particular movement. Check her expressions and breathing, as they both intensify when she enjoys the session. Guys don’t cut short the foreplay as it arouses her and helps her to reach orgasms. Ensure to make her feel special and exclusive, by pampering all her body part, by kissing and pampering it.

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