Take Your Sexual Madness To Another Level Through Wild Sex

Every one dreams of having wild sex, where they both want to achieve orgasms every time they indulge into the activity. The craving and desire is so intense that you want to arouse your partner, so she will return your favor back, erotically. You want to use every available time productively. Hotter sex revives your wildness and satisfies you. Instead of vanilla sex, you can try to have wilder sex, tonight.

Sex against Wall:

Sometimes the urge of having sex is so strong that you cannot control the wildness at all. You want to explore her bare chest and enter into her right now. So what if you don’t have a couch, table, or a chair to do it. You can perform it by positing her against the wall. Such a position needs lots of synchronization and is usually considered to be difficult. But the fun in it cannot be expressed in words.

Here, a man can prove his prowess and stamina and ensure that she enjoys the act, as much as he does. It is kind of “I don’t care of doing it anywhere attitude” drives women crazy and they love the surprise of being loved with no rules. Such a sex position is usually considered to be rougher than others and thus wilder. So ensure that you use good water or silicone based lube, before indulging into the act.

Doggy Style:

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This style is one of the most erotic, primal, and basics of all sex positions. You cannot imagine performing a wilder sex, without adopting such a style. Here the women lifts her backside and allows him to enter into her and control his orgasms. It takes your sexual satisfaction to a different level altogether. This position also satisfies her, as she can adjust her clitoris and allow you deeper penetration.

Have Sex Right Now:

Animal sex rarely pays attention to time and place. It is a strong urge and both men and women feel an urge to do it. All you want to do is satisfy your sexual need as soon as possible and want to do widely and passionately. Instead of thinking what has be cooked and the list of works that has to be done, you can think about performing an erotic act that will excite both of you.

The moment you step into your home, think about grabbing her and passionately kiss her. Turn the heat by breaking all the rules of not indulging into sex in bedroom. Undress her quickly and indulge into lovemaking on the couch or kitchen.

Rough Sex:

Women love men who make rough love to her. So make an effort to indulge into rougher session, but ensure that she is fine with the act. You can certainly spice your sexual life by making rough sex with her, confidently. Include lots of spanking and biting, as it will add madness into the act.

Ensure your partner is aware of your sexual desire of making rough love with you. Include lots of blowjob, as it will show how much you want her at this moment.

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