Make Your Man Crazy For You By Pleasing Him On Bed

You have planned a great night with her today and made a mental note of things to be done in bedroom. You are charged up as your thoughts are, and all you do is to wait for the time when you meet her. However, things don’t end up passionately as you had expected. This leads to disappointment and you don’t know whom to blame about the situation.

Instead of merely thinking about the issue, have you thought about the reason for such an unsuccessful attempt? It is natural to have issues when you are with in bed, but it is necessary that you work it out properly. Such things can impact your sexual life and will reduce your interest as well.

Following are the tips to revive your Sexual Life:

Make him Feel Special:

No one would love if their partner is thinking about something else, when he/she is making love with you. In fact it is quite frustrating. It is normal to worry about kids or about a work related issue, but don’t allow them overpower your sexual life. You might be capable of doing multiple things at the same time, but it doesn’t work when you are in bed with him.

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Men loved women who are devoted to them physically and emotionally. So shower him with your passion and love, when he is excited about doing something erotic today. Make him feel like a king, by serving him good food and increasing his sexual appetite. If he is not in a mood to sexually get involved with you, then pamper him with erotic massage. All these things will keep him charged all the time.

Don’t Worry about Mess:

Don’t get too conscious with after- sex scene, which is quite messy with sweat all over your face and your hair matted with his semen. Don’t worry about such a mess, as he loves to see you in this way. He is proud that he is the only one who could see a proper girl messed up, because of wild and ecstatic sexual activities.

Women usually are concerned about their looks. So instead of fixing up your hair, you can think about making wilder moves that will make him mad for you. Don’t bother about your expressions, when you are about to reach orgasms. For any man, a woman looks extremely beautiful when she is nearing or has reached the climax.

By concentrating more on your hair, you are just diverting his attention to a wrong thing. You certainly cannot do that if you are charged up as well. He wants you to forget the world and participate with him in different bedroom acts.

Assure him of Full Satisfaction:

Ensure your man is under no pressure, when it comes to bedroom performance. Assure that you will accompany him, until he reaches reach orgasms. He loves such an assurance and encourages him to perform better. So let him take the lead and satisfy both of you. When you are performing oral sex, ensure that you don’t hurt him with your teeth. He will love you more, when you take care of all small things that can distract him sexual performance.

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