Get Back The Excitement In Your Married Life

Things change after you get married. You have a partner whom you love and can anytime indulge into sexual activities. Despite of this fact, the lust of love fades after couple of years. You are busy with your work and she is exhausted after taking care of the kids and performing other household works.

Guys don’t let the heat of your marriage come down, as there is always something new that will keep the excitement on. With little effort, time, and imagination you can get back the lost glory of your sexual life.

Think about a Make Over:

Women are always particular about their looks. She always loves to be noticed by her husband. After years of marriage she might have lost her confidence, maybe because she has put on extra weight. It is quite important to revive it back and get a makeover done. Begin by spending time with her and talking to her as much as possible, as if you both are making an effort to know each other again. Surprise her by massaging her body, she will love it.

Share Your New Fantasy with her:

Things changes after marriage and so does your sexual fantasy. You wouldn’t have had enough time to let her know about your new desire. Guys, it is good to be late than ever. Let her know about what you still think about her and how much you love her. Share you’re sexual fanaticizes with her, as it will trigger a sense of sexuality in her.

Text Him:

How long has it been that you sent him a sexy or dirty text message? By texting him, you let him how much you are thinking about him, even when you are away. A text or two will create the magic, as it is good enough for driving him crazy. He will reach home charged up and would be dying to take off your clothes and enjoy a quickie.

Dirty Talk:

It is one of the simplest ways to break the barrier that stands strong in between you and your partner. Dirty talks, will instantly alert him as to what is going on in your mind. It certainly takes you to another level of fun and ecstasy. Such a move gets easily noted and your partner will certainly return your favor.

Take a Break:

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Take her out on a vacation. She definitely needs a break and is too tired of handling many responsibilities. It will also help you to get out of the regular routine that has killed all the excitement of your sexual life. If vacation, at the moment is slightly out of budget, then a simple weekend outing can create wonders.

The Magic of Scent:

Regenerate the magic of love by wearing one of his old T-shirts, as you could still smell his perfume. This will get both of you together and will sexually arouse you. Similarly, he is also crazy about your body aroma, perfume, and others.

Different Sex Positions:

Add spice to your sexual life buy trying a new position and style. There are so many things that can glorify your intimacy and bring back all the excitement and fun into it.

Try Out New Places:

Bedroom is a usual place, where you have sex with her. Instead try something new and perform them in different places. You can hug her and start with your naughty act, while she is working in her kitchen or cleaning the garage. There are many exciting places that will strengthen your sexual life. Sex on the back side of the car and in a mall is always exciting.


Instead of directly getting into the act, you can indulge into foreplay. It takes off your stress and relaxes your body and mind.

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