Find out if your Guy is Faking Orgasm with you?

We know that women can easily fake orgasm and continue doing so. Unless you are an expert, it is not possible to detect it. Their sensitive area naturally lubricates a lot, when she is charged and excited. This is of course one of ways to find whether or not she is faking. Men usually go with their facial expressions and conclude that they are extremely happy, when they are not. What about men, can they also fake as women’s do?

Quite a tough question, because you might have not thought about it till now, isn’t it. Yes men also fake as you do. Surprised, are you. Common, don’t blame yourself for this, as you might not be the culprit. Sometimes it can be due to condoms, as many of them are not fine wearing it.

If your man is using a lubricated condom, then the semi-fluid that is seen in it, gives you an impression that he had a pleasurable experience with you. The fact is completely reverse to it. His face is like a mirror and reflects his satisfaction and excitement. There is something wrong if he is trying to stimulate or force them.

Following are the reasons as to why men pretend to enjoy sex, when they are not –

Doesn’t Have Stamina to go for Second Round:

Unlike women, not many men have enough energy to go for the second round. He cannot let you down, especially when you are charged and want to go for second round. Saying no impacts his male ego and decides to go ahead. He is exhausted and doesn’t have enough stamina for performing well on the second round. This is an ideal example, where he prefers to fake things, only for your sake.

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Early ejaculation is another concern, where he is out of stamina much before he had expected. He just cannot perform anything in this case. He tries to escape the situation by complimenting your sexy moves and fakes orgasm. It might be easy for you to detect the situation as you are high in excitement and don’t want to think anything else.

He Drinks a Lot:

Nothing other than drinks can be a better way to relax your mind and body. What if your partner has been drinking too much lately? It impacts their health and sexual performance, as well. It reduces your erection and sometimes you can maintain it for no longer than 6-7 minutes. This is of course no good. Well, he cannot let you know about it, so prefers to fake which is quite easy.

Avoid Distractions:

Unwanted phone calls, loud noise, and other things usually disturb both men and women. If they are disturbed, they prefer not to let down their partner’s expectation and prefer to fake of enjoying the whole act. If you want to enjoy a pleasurable act with him, then ensure that there is nothing can interrupt the act.

Don’t want to let her down:

Women are always conscious about their looks, especially when she is one bed. She is quite demanding and wants her partner to pay attention to her features. By not doing so, you can make her inconvenient about her looks. Men, in order to avoid such a situation prefer to fake orgasm, which is quite easier to tackle the situation.

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