Blowjob Is the Best Way To Sexually Satisfy Your Man

Sometimes couples face sexual problems and the male is held responsible for his partner’s inability to attain orgasm during sex. At times, females are also called ‘cold as ice’, ‘frigid’ or ‘dead fish’. The actual fact is that both are responsible to make their sexual encounter a success. They need to work simultaneously and please their partners instead of blaming one another for bad sexual experience.

Guys are not the only one responsible to please his woman. If this happens then sex becomes habitual. To experience hot sex both need to share their pleasing activities. Women also need to learn the erotic art of satisfying her better half. Tips to please him:

Use your hands – Try to offer him a hand job. This is the easiest way to get in the rhythm, but just your mouth is not enough to do the work. Use your hands but avoid manhandling it. Use the right grip pressure and move it back and froth or massage it using twisting motion. Pay attention to how he responds. If he has an ecstatic look then mentally note that this grip is ideal for him.

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Change your hand motion – Start from the mid section of the shaft with a twisted motion to the tip and back again. This advanced hand job will make him drool. Remember to make use of a lot of lubricant. Start slowly and gradually build up speed. You are not in a race. You can ask for feedbacks in a sexy voice – ‘Is this good?’ This can just add to the charm. Rhythmic motions with your left hand like stroking the balls and playing with his nipples will take him over the edge.

Use your tongue – When you offer a blowjob then use finesse. Your tongue performance must be wet and loose, avoid sucking hard. Always remember to play with the penis with a soft and wet tongue. Continue to caress the base with your hands simultaneously.

To drive him crazy, move your tongue under the tip. It is one of the sensitive male parts that drive them over the edge. Slow and slippery circles with your tongue under the tip can make him go wild. Several males desire his woman to take him deep inside her mouth. Take him in a relaxed manner go as far as you can. It does not matter, if you do not get to the baseline, the effort will be extremely valued.

Avoid sucking hard – There is a difference in sucking determinedly and gripping it with your mouth. It should not turn out to be a ‘death grip’ either with your mouth or hands. Always listen to his pleasurable moans and painful groans.

Move gently and keep a watch for instances, he may moan loudly. Some males are not expressive, so you will have to depend on your instinct and observation power to find out what suits him well. When you are giving your man a blowjob, remember there are no rules to pursue. You just have to monitor his body language that will guide you to recognize, when he is ready and you can intensify things from that point.

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