You Probably Didn’t Know About These Special Interests Of Your Guy In The Bedroom

By now, you might have well known that one of his priorities in the bedroom has always been to furnish you with an ecstatic sexual experience every-time. Indeed, it has always been. Most guys are more concerned about the pleasure their girls achieve, than their own enjoyment while making love. Doesn’t that sound really appreciative?

Hence, it’s always advisable for you girls to be obliged to your man for the same, in-fact to return their favor in every way you can. Well, the task is really not that difficult when you have an idea about what your man actually wants in the bedroom. To add up to that, besides their specific personal preferences, there are few common interests and fetishes for most of the guys.

Seeing You Masturbating

Although guys have never ever complained about their responsibility that they need to be concerned about their girls’ pleasures, but at times they want the scenario to change a bit. A guy really loves to see his girl taking the charge of her own pleasure in the bedroom, and when she makes an attempt for the same.

Like, almost every guy would be more than pleased and aroused to see his girl masturbating in front of him. It’s even more fun and erotic for them to watch the show, when you are not aware of their presence. Hence, whenever you think of doing something special for him in the bedroom, masturbation can always be a great idea.

Besides, there is a significant aspect associated with masturbation, and that is, you knowingly or unknowingly touch and ‘play’ with yourself in the way you like to. Hence, this can be a great guidance for your guy who might have always been wondering on the way to touch you and to ‘play’ with you.

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Blowjob – They Simply Love It

Ask any man about the thing he loves the most in the bedroom, and he won’t miss ‘a blowjob’. They love it the most to put in their tool inside your mouth, and experience the most ecstatic feeling of being sucked, licked, and pampered down there.

Hence, if you really want to please your partner and get the favors in return, you may simply go down there on him, and try all your pleasing effort. Let him feel that you are actually enjoying what you are doing, by making eye contact with him, and by making pleasure noises. The more he is pleased, the better return you may expect finally.

Mirrors on the Bedroom Walls to Let Them Watch What They Wish To

Have you ever given it a thought for why most men are always willing to make their sex videos, even if you girls are always available to them and they can have the fun anytime? Well, your blank expression reveals it.

Anyways, it’s no secret that guys are visual creatures, and so they love watching porn, and even their own home-made videos. Hence, to fulfill their desire, you may install few mirrors on your bedroom wall so that he can have the visual pleasure too, while having sex with you.

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