Trick Your Man In The Bedroom With Something He Has Always Wished For

It isn’t that tough to trick your man in the bedroom, when you have a proper set of lingerie. For a man, it is greatly arousing to see his girl in sexy lingerie. Hence, if you have already planned this weekend to go out with other girls and shop for lingerie, it would be far better to let your man accompany you and make his choices.

Garter Belt

No matter whether it’s porn, or a bedroom, a garter belt on a woman’s body has always been too arousing, and it always brings erotic appeal to men. The reason for the same is quite simple, and that is, it ‘looks’ really sexy on your curves. Those sexy ribbons, laces, fringe, and bells, can all add up to the excitements of your man.

Ok, so if you are new to these special pieces of lingerie, a garter belt needn’t be confused with a panty either for its function or for its design. It’s simply worn up so as to hold up your thigh high stockings, and needless to say these can well turn a normal pair of bra and panty into a titillating outfit.

Thus, the question can be, how and when to use these sexy lingerie? Well for that, its up-to you, like you may wear it under your normal clothing so as to surprise your partner. While he is high on the arousal scale, and is trying to remove all your clothes off, then those sexy garter belts on your hips and its laces around can make him even more erotic and exciting.

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Platform Stilettos

You might have always wondered as why those porn actresses or strippers don’t remove their platform stilettos, even after they have taken off all their clothes and are completely naked. What’s the point in wearing it then?

Well, the answer would be quite clear if you too try doing the same. Even if you have worn a normal pair of black panty and bra, the stilettos can pair up with those and make it look absolutely amazing. Besides, you have the most significant advantage with it, and that is your legs appear longer, and on the whole your body looks leaner and much more seductive.

Crotch-less Panties

You are mistaken, if you think of those as functional underwear. These can’t serve you that way, but of course these well qualify as lingerie, and can easily arouse your man once he comes to know that it’s there underneath your clothing. It simply reveals him that you are already aroused, and want him to furnish you with some ecstatic oral pleasure with an easy access to your genital.

Hence, if you have been wondering to surprise your partner, then you may put on a crotch-less panty. Let him know about the same while you both are having a dinner at some fine restaurant tonight, or while you both are in the car. Chances are high that he would go wild and would try moving his hands to check it, and you can well notice how his warrior gets firm enough to just tear off his jeans and come out.

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