Pull It Out Or Prefer The Backdoor – Are You Sure You Can Avoid Pregnancy

To clear all your misconceptions, there is no way to be assured of absolute protection against pregnancy, except being abstinent. You might have always relied on the contraceptives, the hormonal birth controls, etc. However, after knowing about numerous cases of unwanted pregnancy in people like you, you might change your perception towards them.

As a matter of fact, these protective measures leave you with little chances of pregnancy, although it’s much lower as compared to have unprotected sex. Hence, to be assured of complete protection, and to avoid any chance of unwanted pregnancy, you may prefer a combination of barrier and birth control measure at the same time, or seek for your doctor’s or any sex therapist’s advise.

Anyways, what’s even more significant is to know about how effective is the common practice of avoiding pregnancy, where men usually pull their tool out on the verge of ejaculation. Well, you might be familiar to this act, as couples have always tried this in their bedroom.

Pulling It Before The Climax, And You Think You Are Done?

No, you are simply mistaken. There have always been numerous guys who are not into putting on condoms while having sex. They have their own excuses and reasons for the same, and most of them do it simply, because they have the wrong notion of getting more pleasure bare headed. Possibly, they haven’t heard of thin, durable, and dotted condoms for extra pleasure.

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Anyways, if you both too have been committing this mistake then you need to know about the risk with it. While pulling out his tool, there are many possibilities of his sperm getting near or inside your vagina. Like, if your partner goes a little slower with this, then mere few drops can let you regret in the days to come. Besides, he could ejaculate on your leg which finally can get onto your vagina and do the ‘work’.

Above all, his pre-cum can contain sperm and that can easily impregnate you.

Unprotected Anal Sex - You Thought You Would Escape

Ok, if it’s risky there, he might wish to get inside you through the backdoor, unprotected. Indeed, numerous couples have always been trying unprotected anal sex, and they think there is no risk of pregnancy with it. That again is a big misconception, and to be true and factual there can be high chances of you getting pregnant this way.

Anus and vaginal opening are too close, and when he does it back-way without any protection, then there are high chances of sperm getting leaked into your vagina leading to your pregnancy.

Calendar Method Can Fail

Couples have also been into calendar method, where they have sex during those ‘special’ days when a woman can’t be impregnated. However, for those women whose cycle length varies, there can be great risk with unprotected sex even during those ‘safe’ days. There have been cases where women weren’t able to figure out those actual infertile days, and they finally regretted for the chance that they took.

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