Letting The Wild And Dirty ‘You’ Out

Being a woman, it’s good to be responsible at home, and decent at outdoors. That is what your man wants. However, if it’s your bedroom, your man would love to see the craziest, the wildest, and the freakiest side of yours.

Whether they express it or not, but no man appreciates a clam, energy-deprived, or ‘too decent’ woman in their bedroom. Hence, if you genuinely wish to make your man happy in the bedroom, and to furnish him with what he wants, you need to let out the inner dirty girl within you. Does that sound a difficult thing to do for a girl like you, who considers herself as a decent and good-girl?

C’mon, accept it or not, but every girl has that dirty and horny aspect too that she may or mayn’t wish to reveal. To be more precise, in most of the cases you girls simply lack the idea on how to reveal your inner dirty phase, to your man. Hence, a little guidance can be of great help in this context.

Oral Sex When He Isn’t Expecting It

You might have had all those unpleasant experiences when he acted rude simply because you interrupted him while he was busy doing his work. Indeed, it’s a common thing with men, and they don’t like being disturbed in any way or the other while at work. However, their reactions may change, and it could even be loving and passionate for you, when you ‘disturb’ him in the right way.

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You need to just give it a try. Next time, when he is busy on a phone call, just go near him, unzip his trouser, and furnish him with an impromptu blowjob. Wow! Doesn’t that sound something really unexpected and wild? Indeed, it is.

To your surprise, your man would simply love this unexpected pleasure, and he couldn’t help hiding this excitement on the phone. Besides, he may try his best to focus on the call, and this would make the moment even sexier.

Get Caught While Masturbating

It’s time, he would be on the way to home, and he must be tired, all exhausted. How about surprising him with some erotic acts, and to furnish him with some pleasure tonight? For that, you may start masturbating and arousing yourself to prepare for sex, making it sure that the doors aren’t closed completely.

You need to do it with all the interest, and to actually get involved in the situation. Make those moves, and those special noises, so as to be get caught by him, red handed. Finally, when he is there and catches you, let him watch you and enjoy the scene for few minutes. Now, when you would invite him to join you in the act, he would simply be more than happy and excited to do that.

No Panties

It always is a good idea to make the best use of each such moment when you can arouse him in public. Let him know someday, while you are out with him, that you haven’t worn a panty underneath. Now that can actually make him go really hard down there.

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