Five Fruits That Will Help You Increase Sex Drive

If you wish to improve libido then you should eat various foods. The main thing which will be of great help in increasing the sex drive will be fruits. You will feel the difference within yourself. The sex desire will increase and you will enjoy having sex.

Buy fresh fruits

Do not worry too much if you are suffering from low libido. You can increase it by including various fruits in your diet. Always prefer to pick and buy the fruits which are fresh. Avoid buying and eating fruits which are three to four days old.

These fruits contain certain amount of minerals or vitamins that are very helpful in increasing hormone levels. These fruits also boost the nitric oxide levels and raise the testosterone.

Banana and Dates

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Banana is the best way to improve and increase low libido. It should be included in your breakfast. Eat at least one banana in your breakfast and see the change in your sex life. It has vitamin B and potassium is found in highest levels. Thus, it helps in controlling energy levels. Banana contains bromelain enzyme which boosts your sex drive.

Dates are full of amino acids that help in providing required stamina for sexual pleasure. You will notice that your energy levels increases and your desire for sex increases. You start enjoying those intimate moments with your partner. It is also quite juicy and sweet in taste.

Avocado and Figs

Avocado is a great fruit and is usually ignored by many. It is one such fruit which has folic acid in higher amount which not helps in metabolizing proteins but also gives you the required energy for sex. It is without no doubt the best energy booster.

Avocado has high level of potassium, so it is beneficial in increasing the libido in a woman. Avocado helps in fighting stress levels as it contains good amount of vitamin B6. Production of testosterone also increases if you include it in your diet.

Fig increases sexual stamina. Thus, woman should eat it to enjoy sex with her partner. The smell and flavor of this fruit is amazing. You should surely eat it to increase libido. Figs contain good amount of amino acids which is useful in increasing libido not only in females but also males. This fruit definitely plays a vital role in increasing sexual function. It is also very vital in increasing nitric oxide levels in your body.

Do not forget pomegranate as this fruit will surely make a difference for the better in your sex life as it increases sex drive. It is also useful in reducing any disease related to heart. Various scientists have found that if the juice of this fruit is taken it improves and increases sex drive. It has nitric acids that helps in opening up the blood vessels and increase the flow of blood which is good for libido. You can either eat the fruit or enjoy drinking its juice.

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