Lack Of Sexual Desires In Women - Why Should You Be Concerned About It

Like men, women also love sex but the problem arises when they don’t enjoy it any further or don’t have any desire. Such a thing can impact you physiologically and physically. Your partner might not be aware of this issue and might take your disinterest in a wrong manner. Work stress and hectic schedules sometimes keeps you so busy that you fail to realize such symptoms. Women in many cases are scared of discussing such an issue with anyone, even with their doctors.

Things are worst, when partners are planning for family and she losses her interest. It can be quite disturbing and frustrating as well. Instead of dwelling with the issue, it is recommended to discuss the situation with a doctor, who can suggest the best treatment for overcoming this problem. It is quite important to relax and spend time unwinding your passion. It helps you to cope with serious issues, in no time.

In order to enjoy the bliss of intimacy, one needs to have a healthy mind and body. Depression and obesity are some of the common reasons that take you away from enjoying such moments. As per a research it has been found that more than 43 percent of women suffer from such an issue. In medical terms, it is called as Hypoactive sexual desire disorder and is known as sexual dysfunctional.

What Causes this Issue?

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Women refrain from indulging into any sexual activities, due to lack of desires. It is a serious concern, especially when they suffer from this disorder at an early age. Drug (may be prescribed or illegal) consumption, medical disorder, and sometimes interpersonal difficulties cause this issue. No matter whatever the reason might be it is necessary that you take proper steps to cure it as soon as possible.

This sexual and gender identity disorder, can be seasonal and in some cases general. In seasonal one, women lose her interest for sex, only with her current partner. In other words, she still loves and wants to indulge into sex, but with a new partner. A woman’s sexual desire and libido is quite a strange topic to discuss and understand. It is thus quite important to note any changes and seek medical assistance as and when required.

The number of cases of women suffering from such a disorder is increasing every year, surprisingly including young women as well. Approximately 8 percent of women with post menopause suffer from lower sexual desire. It increases distress in them and increases their anxiety level. It can further lead to some health related issues, which can be quite expensive to treat.

Unlike men, women have to undergo through lots of pressure and stress, as they to handle their family and work simultaneously. Both the tasks are not easy and demands lots of time and energy. All these factors are good enough for increasing their stress level, which obviously impacts their sexual life. Ignoring the treatment can also lead to depression, which is again not good.

Sometimes birth control pills can trigger such an issue. It is because of this reason, why it is recommended to consult your doctor before consuming anyone. Such a phenomenon can be serious, if not treated well on time.

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