Low Libido In Teenagers

When a girl reaches her adolescent years, she begins to develop breasts and sometime in that stage, she will get her period for the first time. This is also the stage where teenage girls become more interested in boys, and become curious about sex. So do not be surprised if your teenage girl shows signs of high sex drive.

We have a tendency to assume that as they get to that stage of their life, they will go out on dates and have sex just because they want to experience it. But not everybody is the same. In fact, there are many teenagers that feel like they have a very low sex drive.

Naturally, males reach the peak of their sex drive in their 20s, but women are different, as they reach the peak in their mid-30s. So girls should not worry if they do not feel the drive to have sex.

Now, there are many reasons why teenage girls have low libido. These range from relationships, insecurity, hormones, stress, and even the way they think.

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Teenagers are often under pressure, may it be in their studies or within the society they are in - trying to fit in and be cool. This can cause a great amount of stress for a teenager, especially girls, and stress leads to anxiety or depression. Though there are certain people who release stress and anxiety through sexual activities, some girls respond to it with a loss of sex drive.

Speaking of trying to fit in society, a lot of teenage girls are insecure about the changes that occur in their body, physically. This is because they are bombarded with photos or influencers that tell them how they should look. In other words, to look perfect. This gives a lot of them a low self-esteem, which translates to the loss of sex drive. Teenage girls feel like they are physically unappealing, making them lose their libido.

Relationship is another issue that greatly affects a teenage girl’s libido. When couples spend a lot of time together, it is impossible to not have some kind of conflict - and this could root from arguments, fights and jealousy. Furthermore, most teenagers are not a hundred percent serious about their relationship, as they still want to experience what life has to offer. Things like these may affect a teenage girl’s libido. And if she feels like her boyfriend does not love her or is not giving her enough attention, she might not even be interested in having sex with him anymore.

A lot of issues that makes a teenage girl lose her sex drive are based on psychological issues. But there are some that are caused by medical problems too. For instance, teenage girls that are prescribed with antidepressants and anti-anxiety often have a low sense of sexuality as these medications affect their libido.

Other issues that cause a young woman to have decreased libido include nutritional deficiencies, diabetes, kidney problems, epilepsy, neurological disorders, and hormone problems. All these affect a young female’s libido, especially hormonal issues since the body might not be producing enough testosterone.

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