How To Increase Libido In Your 60s?

Most of us accept the fact that when we age, we will become less active in bed. This is because our body will produce less hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. The hormones that give us the drive to have sex. However, it is much more noticeable with women especially after menopause, where the libido just drops down like a rollercoaster.

Sex may not sound exciting to women in their 60s anymore, since they will not be looking for it anyway, or because it might just be painful for them. However, you still have to make sure to satisfy your partner if in case he seeks for some pleasure. And here are some ways to increase your sex drive in your senior years. Knowing what to do and what to avoid might just give you a sex life like you had when you were in your peak age.

Women in their sixties should avoid drinking too much alcohol to keep their sex drive high. This is because alcohol will decrease testosterone levels, and women who are not producing much of these hormones should avoid it more. Similarly, smoking will also not help you increase your libido.

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Diet plays an important role in boosting one’s libido. Fruits like bananas, avocados and figs all have a good reputation when it comes to boosting your sex drive. These foods will help your body produce hormones that are needed to keep your sex life interesting. Vegetables such as celery, on the other hand, eases the symptoms of menopause while increasing your libido. Furthermore, nuts, red meat, and dark chocolate help boost one’s sex drive too.

Exercise plays an important factor in one’s sex drive, including senior citizens. By staying active everyday, not only will circulation and blood flow improve, but your body will be able to produce more hormones as well, which leads to better sex. Having said that, exercise is not just ideal for people under the age of sixty.

Diet and exercise are not your only options when it comes to boosting your libido. To further enhance your sex drive in your 60s, you can always opt for water-based vaginal moisturizers and vaginal estrogen to keep yourself wet down there. Hormone replacement therapy is another thing that women can try as this will help your body produce the hormones that have already been lost.

Another thing that is important to stimulate one’s sex drive in their sixties would be romance - that is you still have a partner. Keeping the romance alive even in your later years will definitely make you more sexually active. Make sure that you and your partner touch each other even as you get to your senior years, as this is still one of the best and most natural stimulants.

Not because you are in your 60s, you should disregard the fact that you can have great sex. With the help of proper diet, exercise, medications, and good relationship - you can still have a good time under the sheets.

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