Benefits Of Green Tea And The Libido In Women

A lot of women today have been experiencing a decrease in sex drive. This may be due to fatigue, stress, and hormonal changes. But is there a way to prevent this from happening? There is indeed. These problems often result from imbalances in our body - when our body does not get sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals, we often feel down, and we do not feel in the mood to do anything, therefore we lose our sex drive too.

A lot of studies show that regular consumption of green tea has a lot of benefits in our body like improved brain function, weight loss, immune defense, physical performance, as well as increased libido in women. One of the reasons behind this is because green tea contains compounds like caffeine, L-thiamine and ginseng, and these ingredients have a great influence on female libido.

Firstly, green tea is packed with caffeine, and there is a correlation between caffeine and the increase in sexual desire in women. This compound seems to stimulate a part of our brain that is connected to sexual arousal, at the same time, it makes our hearts beat faster. Some studies that were done on rats indicate that females that had ingested caffeine seem to be more interested in males. If you did not know, green tea has more caffeine that regular black tea, and has almost the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee.

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Other than caffeine, studies have found an active ingredient in green tea called L-Theanine. This ingredient counterbalances the effects that aging has on women’s libido. Just like when we eat chocolates, L-Theanine produces feel good chemicals in our brain known as dopamine. This helps women enhance their sex drive as it activates the pleasure center of the brain. Dopamine also calms you down as it increases the brain chemical GABA, while clearing the mind of clutter, and helping you be at the present moment while having sex. L-Theanine is becoming a popular alternative to stimulating drugs as it is more natural.

Green tea is sometimes infused in ginseng - the popular Chinese root that is known to increase stamina, but also has libido-enhancing effects, particularly in women. Having said that, not only will sex be more intense, but it will also last longer. The reason why ginseng has this effect on our body is because it releases dopamine in our brain. In fact, a lot of men take ginseng to maintain strong erections, which also makes them perform better in bed.

Catechin is another compound that is found in green tea. This compound not only helps your body burn fat. Blood vessels also widen due to the nitric oxide that is released by the catechin, which then promotes blood to flow to our sex organs. And better blood flow means an increase in sex drive too.

Now, if you want to perform better in bed, or simply be in the mood to do it, sipping some green tea may be something you would want to consider.

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