Exercises To Increase The Female Libido

Have you ever asked yourself what you could do to make sex a much better experience for you and your partner? Being physically active within the day is one of the best things you could do for an improved sex life.

Here is the thing, you do not need to be an athlete, or be forced to do exercises that you cannot do to have better sex. Any type of physical activity will enhance the female libido - from running, strength training, yoga, and even breathing. When our body participates in physical activities like exercise, feel-good chemicals called dopamine are produced in our brain, and this will put you in a better mood under the sheets.

Another study has proven that women who exercise before sex have better response to it, as they tend to be more stimulated. Having said that, I will give you some exercises that could further boost the female libido.

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Firstly, breathing exercises may sound boring to you, but practicing deep breathing, as well as stretching increases sex drive and satisfaction - for both men and women.

You must have already heard that walking is the best exercise. It is true, but it would give you even more benefits if you do it outside. Getting enough sunlight will not only give you vitamin D, but it is said to also enhance the desire of people to have sex. Walking, just like any other cardiovascular exercises, reduces stress and cortisol levels in your body, while increasing your libido.

Pelvic exercises, also known as Kegel exercises, are said to improve women’s sex drive, as it strengthens the muscles of the lower abdomen. By doing theses exercises more often, the muscles in your vagina will be strengthened, giving you better orgasms. This is because you will be able to control the muscles that are used during sex, at the same time, there will be more blood flow to your sex organs. Kegel exercises can be as simple as contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles. A lot of these exercises can be found online, and it is best if you practice this everyday.

Strength training may not be for everyone, but did you know that lifting weights has a direct impact on your libido as it helps our body produce testosterone? Women may not produce as much testosterone as men, but this is a vital hormone that enhances our sex drive. When strength training, it is best to use heavier weights while doing less repetitions. Instead on focusing on one muscle group everyday, do exercises that focus on different areas each day.

Practicing yoga focuses on stretching and energy flow, which has a great effect on female libido. Stretching your muscles will not only make you flexible, but it also helps improve orgasm. If you want to do a yoga practice that focuses more on your sexuality, then you might want to try Tantric yoga. This type of yoga activates our chakras while it builds strength and confidence in everyday life.

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