Can Certain Herbs Decrease The Female Libido?

Oftentimes, people find ways to enhance their libido, but there are some people who just need to take from this physical urge, and they look for ways to decrease this drive they have.

Now, there are medications out there that can lower your sex drive as a side effect of the drug. However, a lot of people turn to alternatives such as herbs, and herbs that decrease the sex drive are also referred to as anaphrodisiacs (as aphrodisiacs are foods that boost our sexual drive). Many of these herbs have been around for centuries, and though some of them are used to treat other conditions, they tend to have side effects that make people lose their sex drives.

The most common one would be chasteberry. This anaphrodisiac comes from the chaste tree that can be found in the dry areas of Europe and western Asia. Its main purpose is to treat female conditions like premenstrual syndrome and to increase the milk flow of nursing women, but it said to also decrease libido. There are not enough evidence to support this idea, though patients claim that it helps them control their sexual urges. Chasteberries can be boiled in water and taken as a tea.

Licorice root is another anaphrodisiac that you might have easier access to. The fact that licorice roots contain components that inhibit the production of testosterone makes women lose their libido, as testosterone is what increases the sex drive. Studies show that when people ingest around 25 grams of licorice, a significant anaphrodisiac effect is noticed.

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A lot of us know of hops because it is an ingredient used in making beer. What we do not know is that we can get side-effects from hops, such as vaginal dryness for women and premature ejaculation for men. So drinking too much beer could make you lose your sex drive. Hops also helps with anxiety and skin conditions like eczema. Valerian root, on the other hand, is used to treat PMS and sleeping disorders. However, while it treats these problems, it also lowers a woman’s sex drive. Dried valerian roots can be steeped in water and taken as an anaphrodisiac tea.

Another herb that may not be as popular as the ones mentioned earlier is skullcap. The main purpose of this herb is to treat muscle spasms, headaches and other nervous conditions. But patients have reported a decrease in sexual urges as well while taking skullcap.

In conclusion, there have been patient reports and studies that these herbs do have an effect on female libido. However, be reminded that these herbs are mainly used as treatments for other ailments, and that lowered sex drive is more of like a side effect of the herbs.

If you are one of those women who want to decrease your libido, you can find supplements that contain these herbs in your local health stores. These can be in the form of tablets or extracts. On the other hand, if you want to increase your sex drive, then better stay away from ingesting these herbs.

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