Help Me - He Is Not Interested In Having Sex With Me Anymore

Men are known to be sexually active creatures and are always curious trying something new on bed. What will you do if he is no longer interested in having sex with you anymore? Quite a frightening thought, isn’t it? As a smart lady, you will surely not blame yourself, unless there is something seriously wrong with your relationship.

This article will give you in-depth knowledge about the sexual issues, which includes libido and stamina as well.

Addicted to Porn Sites:

Men don’t want to leave any opportunity to watch a porn movie or visit the site. They love watching the stars performing different acts and enjoying each other’s company in various positions. Well, such an attraction is quite natural and normal. The problem arises, when they get addicted to them. Gaining knowledge about intimacy is good, but what is the use if you don’t try to execute them with your sex partner.

Similarly, their addiction towards phone sex talk is equally dangerous. They rely on porn movies and chat for their satisfaction, instead of trying them on bed. Of course, it is quite disappointing for the partner, who wouldn’t then know how to tackle such a situation. If your partner prefers to spend quality time with his computer than you, then there is sometime wrong. Getting out of such a situation can be quite a challenging task, but not an impossible one. It is recommended to consult an s-expert, who will suggest a way out of this situation.

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Lack of Passion in Relationship:

With the passage of time, love seems to fade, because of additional responsibilities and hectic life. It becomes quite a challenging task to keep alive romance and passion, between both of you. Simple and passionate things can revive all the lost glory of your relationship. Ask yourself a simple question, as to when was the last time you hugged him and gave him a passionate good night kiss.

Don’t try to remember, instead get into the practice right away. In this way, you let him know how much you care and love, still. As per experts men in many cases, don’t lose their sexual desire due to their health or medical issue. No romance and hectic work schedule causes such an issue. In other words, you both have to work in re-building your relationship, which has lost its importance due to time. Surprise him by giving him a spontaneous hug and kiss him on his forehead or lips. These things will surely make him happy and lively.

He has Low Testosterone Count:

Everything is fine in your relationship and you are quite happy spending time with each other, whenever possible. Still, you are not happy as he has not sexually active with you on bed, as it used to be earlier. Don’t blame yourself, as it might be due to low testosterone count, which is quite a common occurrence in men. Instead of questioning him directly, you can observe the symptoms for this disorder. If lately, he has been suffering from fatigue, mood swing, low on energy and erection dysfunction then there are chances that his testosterone count has gone down. Not to worry, as this condition is curable.

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