Low Libido In Teenagers

Topics surrounding sex and teenagers are aimed at enlightening the young ones on the importance of abstinence. Therefore, a topic of this nature (low libido in teenagers) may come out as quite controversial. For starters, I must make it clear that we are not encouraging teenagers to engage in sexual activities. In any case, we all know that sex comes with a lot of responsibilities – which, unfortunately, are too demanding for these young stars to handle.

Secondly, I want to bring to your attention the fact that libido is a natural body response which signifies good health – or its absence. It is, therefore, imperative for young men and women (teenagers and young adults), to pay attention to their libido levels, and seek help if they do not experience it. This article highlights some of the causative agents of low libido in teens. They include:

Poor self-image

Teens are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem levels compared to adults, and it is understandable seeing that they are just getting to know themselves. Adolescence stage is perhaps the most sensitive in a person’s life. The manner in which a child is handled during this period may break or make him or her – and that is why parents are advised to treat their teen children with utmost caution.

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A teenager who is struggling with low self-esteem or poor body image will lose interest in sex, and eventually, this reaction may lower his libido – even in the long term. If you have problems accepting who you are, consider seeking help. If you cannot tell your parents or close family members, open up to your school teacher, or psychologist. He or she will help you overcome your current esteem issues so you can begin to love yourself.


During teenage years, the different parts of your body are still growing. Most of your body features (especially the sexual organs) experience the most growth during this period. For instance, you will realise that your penis (for boys) and breasts (for girls) will grow bigger than ever before during your puberty years. The same goes for the functionality of all your sexual organs – and the interconnected parts.

Ever wondered why teenagers engage in sex? It is because their bodies have developed and become sensitive to sexual stimulations. Unfortunately, some young men and women do not experience as much sexual arousal as their counterparts. The problem could lie in your diet. The lack of a balanced diet may inhibit your development in matters sex. If you have been eating too much junk and ‘yucking’ to all the foods prepared by your mom in the kitchen, you better start sitting at the table and eat like everyone does. Many young men and women do not realize that the decisions they make today have a significant impact on what happens in their life in future. Take control of your sexual health as early as now by eating a well-balanced diet.

Drugs and substance abuse

Teens engage in drug and substance abuse for various reasons – ranging from misinformation, esteem issues, instant gratification, and rebellion, to kill boredom, as well as peer influence. According to National Institute on Drug Abuse, people are more likely to get introduced to drugs and other harmful substances during adolescence or young adulthood. Continued use of drugs leads to school failure, loss of interest in ordinary healthy activities, impaired memory, mental health problems, and problems with family and other important relationships. Any of these problems has the potential to impact your sexual health adversely.

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