How Exercise Can Help Increase Your Libido?

The outstanding benefits of regular exercises are just impeccable. From promoting healthy weight loss to keeping lifestyle conditions and diseases at bay, everyone should endeavor to engage in regular physical exercises. Perhaps a fascinating part is the fact that exercises can also help to elevate libido. If losing weight, staying fit and leading a healthy lifestyle does not give you enough motivation to challenge yourself with a morning jog, or gym subscription may be its effect on libido will do. The big question is; how does exercise help to increase a person’s sex drive?

A research study published in 2008 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that 20 minutes intense exercises aimed at a 70 percent target rate improve the genital arousal of women significantly. Another study published in the same journal confirmed an existing connection between increased body awareness and heightened perceptions of the full sexual arousal. The right exercises have the power to enhance a person’s body awareness through increased bodily sensations such as raised heartbeat.

Exercises are said to help in the reduction of stress levels, increases energy, facilitates weight loss and also improves performance. The aesthetic benefits of exercises also play an important role in raising female libido. Think of that slim waistline, firm butt and thighs, and the general body tone. It would be almost impossible for someone with this kind of body to have self-esteem issues. When a woman’s self-esteem is high, her interest in sex is likely to grow tremendously. Let us consider some of the exercises that are known to improve female libido. You may want to try them out and make the verdict based on your experience.

Stress-reducing exercises

You have heard that stress is one of the most common causes of low libido. Every individual is susceptible to stress emanating from the different things and environments we interact with. When you exercise, your body releases feel-good chemicals – endorphins. They are good at counteracting cortisol making a person feel relaxed and happy. In this state, it becomes easy for you to have an erotic mindset that is paramount for sexual urge and stimulation. Yoga, for instance, helps the mind and body to connect and consequently making it possible for you to feel more in tune with your body.

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Circulation friendly exercises

Men and women alike must have a proper circulation of blood to enjoy optimised sexual functioning of their bodies. It is imperative that you have enough blood flowing to the genitals to increase sexual sensation. Aerobic or running classes should do.

Hormone-regulating exercises

Women’s hormones fluctuate due to some reasons. Hormonal balance is a critical part of the equation when it comes to female libido. A woman is only fully sexually satisfied if her urge is high in the first place. She will want more and more sex if it is working as she expects and if she loves the entire experience. As such, besides taking those hormone balancing supplements and drugs, try a combination of yoga, moderate weight lifting, and cardio.

Energy boosting exercises

Fatigue has been blamed as one of the primary causes of sex drive in women. A natural multi-tasker, and with so many responsibilities in her hand, a woman is almost always tired. Unfortunately, sex becomes the last item on her to-do list, and most of the times, she has no energy left. Unknown to many women, exercises can boost energy levels and even help them sleep better. How about taking that brisk walk in the evening or morning? You may also opt for moderate to intensified exercises as they are capable of increasing your mental alertness, and also raising your energy levels.

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