Boost Female Libido Naturally: 8 Naturally Effective Methods

For a good number of women in modern times, declining levels of hormones, stress related to job, relationship problems and other challenges are taking a toll on their bedroom performance. A woman is either not in the mood for sex, or she has difficulties reaching orgasms.

Medically known as HSDD (Hypoactive sexual desire disorder), the loss of sexual desire is the most common type of sexual dysfunction in women of all ages. A study conducted recently revealed that close to a third of women between 18 and 59 years suffer from the loss of interest in sex. It is a real problem. The biggest sexual problem in women is caused by a myriad of physical and mental factors. Most of these problems are not likely to be eliminated merely by swallowing a pill. Women need to do something extra on their part to improve their libido. Below are eight natural ways of increasing female libido. These strategies are tried and tested and have proved to work for women from all walks of life.

Maintain a healthy weight

As soon as you can, calculate your BMI. It will help you establish your ideal or healthy weight. Being overweight can eat into your sexual desire and satisfaction especially because your body is tired of carrying excessive weight. If you have been observant, you will realise that you have been tired almost all the time and sex is always the last thing on your mind.

Watch what you eat

Your diet should include sex enhancing foods and fruits. Eliminate junk food in your diet, fatty foods and alcohol. Eat foods such as almonds, bananas, watermelon, sesame seeds, sweet potatoes, dark chocolate, spinach, tuna and oysters and so on.

Herbal supplements

Herbs have been in use since time immemorial. Men from different parts of the world used and still use certain herbs to improve or treat sexual health problems. Women too may take advantage of the availability and benefits of herbal supplements to increase their libido.

Exercise regularly

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The amount of blood flowing throughout your body, and into your genitals is partly dependent on the extent of your physical exercises. By now, you already know how important blood flow is to the process of your sexual arousal. Engaging in physical exercises on a regular basis improves blood circulation, and in turn, enhances your sex drive.

Get enough sleep

Having a good sleep and rest is of utmost importance when it comes to a woman’s libido. No one is ever too busy to the extent that he or she cannot afford at least six hours of sleep every day/night. If possible, sleep up to 8 hours. Sleep deprivation might be the reason you are struggling with reduced sexual desire.

Find a remedy for an unhealthy relationship

When a woman is involved in a bad relationship, her libido is likely to reduce significantly. How is your relationship? If your relationship is emotionally strained, you and your partner need to find a remedy as soon as possible. Keep communication lines open as it helps in building trust.

Devise a good way to deal with your stress

Even if it means attending stress and anger management classes, make it a matter of urgency. Stress is a huge contributor of low libido.

Make sex a priority

In the same way you fix other things in your schedule, make sex a top priority. In the midst of your busy life, it is easy to consider lovemaking as something one does during his or her free time. One must purpose to enjoy a fulfilling sex life for it to happen. If you have not been seducing your partner, begin to do so as soon as today. Doing so will put you, and him in the right mood, and things will never be the same again.

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