Reactions Of Women After Intercourse With Their Partners

Most of you must have read and experienced those after sex, couples snuggles against one another and sleep peacefully. This is true however women react differently after having sex. Today, we are going to discuss about the way a woman and her body reacts after having sex with her partner.

Physical pain and bleeding

There are times when a woman might feel pain, while having sex or after having sex with her partner. However this should not happen. Sex is something that both you and your partner should enjoy, and if it’s painful, then it’s advised that you immediately contact a specialist. It might be possible that you are undergoing pain due to some medical reasons, such as vulvar vestibulitis, ovarian cysts, chronic yeast infection, interstitial cystitis, fibroids, etc.

The doctors will conduct the required test and recommend the best treatment that will cure it completely.

Bleeding after sex:

There are some women, who might bleed after having intercourse. This is normal, when you having sex for the first time. Don’t take the matter lightly if this is happening constantly. Get yourself checked by an expert who will analyze the severity of the issue. Your well being is important.

Sperms Allergy:

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If you fell itchy after sex, and the feeling continues for long, then it might be possible that you have allergic to sperms. This itchiness is sometimes caused due to food allergy. May be your partner have consumed some food that might be causing you itchiness. If this is the case, inform your partner. He should not consume that particular food for almost thirty-six hours, before any sexual activity. Consulting a doctor is, recommended.

Severe headache after sex:

There are possibilities that you might have severe headache after having sex with your partner. Consult a gynecologist, and he would provide you would some medicine, which would help to reduce the headache. This phenomenon is commonly seen in most women.

Emotional breakdown

It has been seen that some women cry after intercourse. This surprises them too, however it is pretty natural, according to Isadora Alman, who is a board-certified sexologist and licensed relationship therapist in San Francisco. It is an emotional feeling and it is good to express it. In this way, they vent out their anger, frustration, and agony after having sex.

It is also common that some women would like to escape to another corner of the house, after having sex with their partner. If you have similar feelings then there is nothing to be worried about. According to Isadora Alman, it is quite natural for a woman or her partner, to desire sometime alone, after the close intimacy.

Feeling hungry

It is natural for someone to feel hungry after an intercourse. It might be possible that a woman carves for particular food after sex, explains Isadora Alman. It is quite natural that you feel hungry after exercising. Both you and your partner can enjoy eating the food together, a bowl of ice-cream or a delicious sandwich. This would also give you some time to spend after an awesome session of sex.

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